Why should your business be on Instagram?

Instagram is the best way to introduce potential customers to your business. It helps people that may not know about your business, or Etsy or that may not shop on Etsy find your products, fall in love with them and then buy them. 

There are over 400 million users on Instagram from all over the world, so you are guaranteed to find customers there. Plus Instagram encourages the use of hashtags (unlike FB and other social media platforms) so it’s easier for new people to find you and see your products.

Why is this important? Because more visibility = more sales. 

Have you ever heard of the 6 degrees of separation? If you haven’t, the theory is that everyone is linked to each other by only 6 people. For example, you could pick any celebrity you wanted and in theory, you know someone who would know someone who knows that celebrity. (Add a few more people in there and that’s the basics of the theory!) 

So what does that have to do with your business?

There is always someone out there who may know someone who is looking for what you sell! And Instagram is the best way to introduce yourself. So get yourself on there!

Got questions about IG? Leave them below and I’d love to answer them!