What to do when you have business envy

Stay in your lane, my love.

It’s so tempting to focus on what other people are doing and then judge them for it. That’s what human beings do. But in order to really be successful, you need to put your blinders on and stop focusing on what other people are doing. 

You get what you focus on. If you are spending all your time focusing on what others are doing and how they are taking away from what you have, then that’s all you are going to get. A whole lot of nothing. You will be spending so much time focused on the competition and “how dare they do that” and “who do they think they are that they can do that” that you won’t get anything done in your own business. 

But if you put your blinders up and focus on what you are doing, then you will make leaps and bounds in your business. Stay focused on you and your momentum will pick up quickly. You go where your focus goes. It’s the same with driving. If you are looking at the person in the lane next to you, you will drift towards them and crash. It’s the same with skiing. If you are looking way too far in front of you, or you are paying attention to other people, you won’t notice the huge mogul in front of you and you will crash. I’ve done that.. A lot. And it hurts!

It’s the same in your business. If you are so busy paying attention to other people and what they are doing, you will stop working on your own business and you will stop growing. I’ve done it, most other entrepreneurs have done it, but you must focus on yourself and yourself only. You can’t do anything to change what other people do. You only have power over yourself. You can’t control anyone else so you might as well just focus on yourself and what you can to do change your situation. 

Maybe you are so busy watching someone else and waiting for them to mess up because you are afraid of putting in the real work and then failing. So you might as well bring someone else down with you. Maybe you are watching someone else because you are jealous of their success, so you want to tear them down in hopes of lifting yourself up. Sorry honey, tearing another down won’t make you more successful. It will only make you bitter. 

They put in the hard work to get where they are at. You must do the same if you want that same level of success. So put your head down and get to work or else a year from now they will be even more successful and you will be scratching your head wondering why nothing has changed! 

Stay in your lane.   
Love from your Instagram Bestie, 


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