What to do when you feel like giving up

Are you close to giving up because your business isn’t as successful as you want it to be? I’ve been there too. 

I have seen so many ladies lately giving up on their dreams of running a business. Now most of them I don’t know personally, but I have been reading their blogs and following them online for years. It makes me so sad because they are all so talented and I feel like they are giving up on their dreams because it didn’t happen in the way they wanted it to. 

I’m totally with you there. My success still isn’t where I want it to be and it definitely hasn’t happened how I wanted it to. If it had happened, I would have been an NYT bestseller with my first book, been on the talk show circuit, maybe even had my own cooking TV show on the Food Network. 

But guess what? If I had gotten all of that right away, I would have crashed and burned. I’ve had to go through years of struggling in order to let go of all the negative things I’ve concluded about myself, about my life and about running a business. Trust me, there have been some really crazy ones in there. 

I’m very thankful that I’ve had to go through this long journey of struggling because it made me realize that I am a strong a person, that I can do this, that it’s ok to be me and do things my way. I learned that it’s ok to trust myself and put myself first. It’s ok to not take the blame for everyone else’s problems and that I don’t have to rescue everyone. It’s ok to love myself fully and be fully confident in myself and my skills. If I had been successful right out of the gate, I would never have learned any of that and so I am forever grateful that I struggled. 

So if you are struggling in your business, it’s not because there is anything wrong with you, your dream or your life. It’s simply because there are more lessons for you to learn and things for you to let go of. I firmly believe in order to be successful, you need to heal your soul. And that may take time. 

Heck, it’s taken me nearly 3 years to get to this point that I’m at and I’m still not at the magical $5k months. The first year in my business was all about me releasing the need to follow my parents’ plan for my life and to learn that it was ok for me to follow my dreams. The 2nd year was all about learning to love myself and build my confidence. This 3rd year has been letting go of the past and not letting it define me, and really stepping into myself and owning my life. 

As I come up on starting my 4th year as an entrepreneur, I look back and see all the times I almost gave up. I am so glad I didn’t. So if you are close to giving up because success hasn’t arrived yet, please don’t. Keep going. Take a break if you need to, but never give up. You may simply need a little more time before you can have your breakthrough.  

Love from your Instagram Bestie, 


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