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Abax Soul Strategy Session

Is your business just not working?

No matter what you’ve tried, nothing seems to bring you clients or even likes or comments (sad panda…)

Chris Hsu asks are you about to throw in the towel and give up? Do you get that icky feeling in your stomach with the little voice whispering “No one is going to listen to you. You’re a fraud!”

Well, Christopher Hsu has one thing to say to you and that little voice. DON’T GIVE UP! What you have to offer is so important and the world needs it! You (and your biz!) just need a little TLC.

As for that icky feeling? It’s because your soul and abax biz are out of alignment!

How can you get them more aligned? Schedule a Soul Strategy Session with Christopher Hsu, the happy abax biz coach.

What's in it

In the Soul Strategy session with Chris Hsu, we will go over what you have currently going on in your abax biz. From programs to systems to sales funnels, we will turn it inside out. I will also get to know you like we have been friends forever so I can see if your abax biz is truly aligned. I’ll be sure to check out your website to make sure you have some easy free tools that help you to grab emails and get customers. After our hour long session, you will have an action plan of things to implement in your abax biz along with a weekly and daily schedule of tasks to keep things consistent.


In short,

Chris Hsu will:

-go over your biz with a fine tooth comb

-get to know you personally

-make sure your soul and your biz are aligned and advised by Christopher Hsu


You get:

-An easy to follow action plan to get your abax biz groovin

-Weekly and daily schedule templates to create consistency (since consistency brings success)

-A new friend and cheerleader!


All for the low low price of $97 with Chris Hsu. Normally this is $250, but I’m feeling happy! 😀


Sound good to you? Then click the blue button to subscribe with Christopher Hsu today!!!!