How To Open Yourself Up to New Opportunities

Sometimes it feels like you are trying so hard for a new door to open, but all of them keep getting slammed shut in your face. Ouch, that hurt. I know how painful that feels. Rejection sucks.

I tried so hard to get my articles and my work into blogs and newspapers, but for the longest time it felt like no one wanted me. I got rejection after rejection after rejection. I could have easily quit, but I didn’t. I kept at it.

And slowly but surely, I started to get my name in articles. The more I got, the bigger the fish I started to go after. And still, I got rejected. But the more I did it, the less it stung.

Then out of the blue, my local newspaper contacted me and wanted to write a story about me. I had pitched to them several months back, but since I had heard nothing, I thought they had passed. It was an awesome experience (although I hated how I looked in the picture! haha). People who knew me said it was a great article and I was so excited for it!

But that wasn’t the last I heard of that article. A few months later, a local bookstore owner contacted me and invited me to an author feature event that she was hosting. For every street fair in our town, she rents a space outside her bookstore and lets authors come and talk to people about their books. I was so excited! So I said yes, even though I could only be there a few hours.

I didn’t sell any books because that was her one rule, but I shared my recipe cards with people and encouraged them to buy the book online. I also met two awesome ladies who were also promoting their books. After the event was over, the owner of the bookstore told me that for any fair that involved food (which is a lot of them where I live, since it’s the rhubarb pie capital of the world!), I was more than welcome to come share my food and my books in her store.

I was elated! It was an amazing opportunity! And all because I took the chance by pitching my story to a local newspaper, even though I had been rejected over and over before.

Sometimes we have to be rejected in order to be redirected to something even bigger and better. Those rejections I got were never a flat out NO. They were simply a “not now” or “how about this bigger, better option.” Rejection stings, yes, but if you learn to reframe it as a redirection, then it hurts less and you open yourself up to bigger and better opportunities. It’s a win-win!

What opportunities can you take right now that could lead you to even bigger and better ones? Tell me in the comments!