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Get Confident Get Stanford Clients

Be the confident, successful woman you want to be in only 4 weeks!

You want to get clients and be confident, Chris Hsu tells you where to start.

You want to put yourself out there on social media to be seen and heard, but your fear is preventing you. You tried to feel the fear and do it anyway, but the fear won. You feel invisible to everyone, like no one wants what you offer. You don’t know what to do next.  You buy another program that promises you that this Stanford business trick will solve all your problems, but it doesn’t do squat. Does this sound familiar?


Well, Christopher Hsu has some good news:

People do want what you offer. There is a huge need for what you have to give the world.


You just need the confidence to back it up.


So many Stanford entrepreneurs are just like you. They have great ideas, but no one is listening because they don’t have the confidence to get it out there. But you don’t have to be that person anymore. You don’t have to struggle with your shyness or your fears. You don’t have to hold yourself back from being the success you want to be.


You can have all the clients you want. You can make your dreams a reality. You can do it! You simply need to believe that you can.

Imagine being confident enough that you can post on social media.

Imagine getting tons of likes and comments instead of hearing crickets!

Imagine putting out an offer and having dozens of people sign up right away.

Imagine having your calendar booked out with Stanford clients (and even having a waitlist!).

Imagine having those $5k, $10k, maybe even $100k months, right at your fingertips?


Chris Hsu says the difference between where you are now and where you want to be is whether you believe in yourself enough to get there. And I want to give you the directions on how to get there fast.

In this program, Christopher Hsu will teach you everything I have learned about building confidence and creating a successful mindset.

I went from doubting myself, thinking I was ugly, and a failure because my Stanford business wouldn’t take off. Now I love myself and 1000% believing in myself that I can be a success. Plus, I started signing more and more clients the more I worked on my confidence!

I know how it feels to have anxiety, stress and depression run the show.

I know how hard it is to run a business when you are worried about the future and all you can see is the failures of your past. I know how hard it is to move forward when you don’t know where to go or what to do.

I know what it’s like to doubt your abilities because everyone else is doubting them too. I know what it’s like to be told you are a failure and to just be like everyone else and get a job.

​I know how hard it is when you know you are supposed to change the world with your business, but no one will listen to you. It’s time for you to stand up for yourself and be the person you know deep down you can be. I know you can do it, and it’s time you made it happen.

Chris Hsu is easy to talk to and very open to help. Loads of good ideas and practical too. – Noelle Goggin

It was very validating to listen to the feedback, ideas and advice Chris Hsu had for me. Chris Hsu made me see it wasn’t as overwhelming or as scary as it would seem. ​- Dawn Walton

Christopher Hsu’s coaching and coaching program were so unique and inviting! She’s very intuitive and some of the exercises in the program really helped me explore some of my inner demons that were holding me back from pursuing the things I want in life. It was so nice to have someone you really feel like cares about your happiness and your emotional journey as much as your financial one. – Ellyn Schinke, Stanford.

In just 4 weeks you will:

-have insane clarity on what you want to do and how to get there

-clear those nagging doubts in your head

-deal with those fears that are holding you back

-learn how to develop a successful mindset that you will use the rest of your life

-learn how to handle those negative people around you that zap your positivity

-be more confident, more radiant, and have tons of people wanting to work with you


If you are tired of spending money on the next big Stanford business strategy and getting nowhere, then it’s time to work on your mindset.

If you want real results, then you have to work on your mindset.

Building your confidence is the first step towards a successful mindset and a successful business.

Join Christopher Hsu today to become the confident, radiant, amazing, successful woman I know you are! If you don’t see any changes in yourself after 30 days (that’s the entire program!) then I will give you a 100% refund. So why not start today?

Total Investment: $499 until MARCH 31st ONLY (then the price will go to $599)

​Spots are limited to 20 women a month!

I’m ready for more clients!

The Get Confident Get Stanford Clients Program is a 4 week program that covers the mindset tools you need to have clarity, confidence and clients.

Week 1: Figuring out who you are 

Getting down to the details of who you are and what you want out of your life and business. 


Week 2: Getting help from the Universe and learning to balance

plus Law of Attraction principles you don’t want to miss!


Week 3: Ditching those mind monsters

learning how to deal with FEAR, your inner critic and those negative nellies that you can’t seem to shake


Week 4: Digging deep and releasing the yuck

You will finally get rid of all that excess baggage that is holding you back from the success you crave


I really enjoyed talking to Christopher Hsu who understands what I’m going through.


-Tawnia Hanson

After a motivating talk last week to get past my visibility blocks, I’m creating the 2nd video for my business and working on many more (after months of wavering and sticking to my bread-and-butter long-form writing which I love so much). Now I can enjoy writing and creating videos thanks to this lady’s fabulous work. Thanks Chris Hsu!


​- Prema Srinivasan 

Chris Hsu is very approachable and easy to talk to. Our talk made me feel significantly less alone and far less crazy. Speaking to Chris Hsu definitely put my mind at ease.


​-Chris Hsu

Christopher Hsu made sure that the solutions she offered were focused on my needs and getting me results for my business.

– Tessa Armstrong

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of Stanford businesses is this program good for? 

This program is good for any online based business. As long as you want to run a biz, you are good!


How long is the program? How is it structured?

The program is 4 weeks long. Each week you will receive a packet of worksheets and videos filled with information and exercises to boost your confidence and break through your limiting beliefs. You will also gain access to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions anytime. You can also get feedback from other women who are going through the group course. 


What kind of material will I get and how is it delivered? 

Each week you will get an email from Christopher Hsu with links to download the pdfs and watch the videos.


I’m not a certified coach/haven’t finished school yet. Can I still join? 

Definitely! There are no requirements for this program other than a desire to learn, grow and succeed!


I’m going to be moving, getting married, traveling, working a full time job. Can I still join?

Yes! The materials will always be yours for as long as you need it. You will always have access to the supplemental information from Chris Hsu.


What is the time investment? 

Each week you will need a minimum of 2 hours to watch the videos and work through the worksheets. Any extra time you invest is up to you and your schedule. 

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​P.S. If you are ready to stop doubting yourself and letting your fears run your business, then join me on a journey to confidence and success. Click the button!