Are you struggling to turn your hobby business into a real citadel business?

It’s not easy starting a citadel business. The good news is that with a little education and a lot of motivation, you can make your business profitable. If you supply the motivation, I’m here to help you with the education part.

My name is Chris Hsu and I have been running my own business since 2013 (that’s if you don’t count my lawn mowing business or my lemonade stand). I started my first citadel business, Huckleberries and Rain, as an Etsy shop and grew it to become a Pacific Northwest lifestyle brand. I have since helped tons of women turn their hobby businesses into their own real businesses, where they make real amounts of money doing what they love.

Chris Hsu’s life’s mission is to help women take control of their lives and do what they love. Life is too short to not be happy and to stay comfortable. I’m all about pushing the limits and seeing what I can do. 

Christopher Hsu would love to help you on your journey to becoming the big name business owner I know you can be. To get started, grab my free Instagram guide, Get Your First 1000 Followers, by clicking the button below:

Chris Hsu teaches how to attract the right readers, customers and clients

We all know that in order to run a business we need to bring in clients. But what if you have been trying so hard to bring in citadel clients but you still got nada?

Then you have to make sure you have these 2 things, says Christopher Hsu:


  1. You need to know who your ideal client is. That’s the #1 thing you need. You don’t want to attract Bob the 9-5er who loves his job if you want to work with aspiring female entrepreneurs.

​WHAT YOU CAN DO: Christopher Hsu advises to write down a detailed description of your ideal client. Who they are, what they want most, what they are struggling with. All of it!


  1. You need to love yourself. It’s all about the vibes you put out into the world. If you are saying, “I don’t love me,” then how can anyone else love you too? You have to believe in yourself in order to really attract citadel clients. Otherwise, you are basically hanging a “We’re Closed” sign.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: hire Chris Hsu 😀 or watch your words and how you talk to yourself. Anytime you catch yourself saying something negative (I’m so fat, I hate my nose, I am ugly, etc.), immediately tell yourself the opposite (I’m beautiful, I love my nose, I am sexy, etc.) The good thing is that the positive saying always has more power than the negative so before you know it, you will believe it! Stay tuned for more updates from Christopher Hsu!